Flower Festival & Concert

We are delighted to be hosting a Flower Festival and Concert in August 2023.

You can find below our introduction information letter, a registration form and sponsorship form, as well as our publicity flier which you are more than welcome to download and use to publicise our event. We are really looking forward to this community event.

WHY are we doing this? To save the church structure is a major project (approx. £4 million). We have applied for grants and have a shortfall of £200,000.

Our goal for this event is to raise £10,000.  Much of our existing support is contingent on us raising this final amount. The Grants will:

– Repair the worst of the damage to the roof, stonework and windows, Upgrade facilities (heating/lighting/WC’s and disability access)

– Building a new, warm and acoustically separate space within the church for community activities

-Reduce the church’s carbon emissions (solar panels and an air source heat pump)

IT CAN TAKE a few people to save this – or a lot of us to give a little and MAKE A DIFFERENCE for Everyone

Letter to organisations

Registration and Sponsor Forms