Helping to fund the mission of our churches…

How YOU can help…

Gift Aid – a gift from HMRC!

If you pay tax, HMRC will add a tax refund of 25% to your Gift.  This Tax Refund costs you nothing, providing you pay as much Tax as the Church claims back.  Please complete the gift aid declaration on the form provided.

Standing Order

 A Bank Standing Order is simple and safe  and also saves time for our Church Treasurer.   We are no longer able to offer weekly envelopes.

Returning your Gift Aid & Standing Order Form

Please fill in your Gift Aid & Standing Order Form and  return it in the enclosed envelope ASAP.

Please return your sealed envelope to Pat Mercer, our Treasurer at the Church

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact Andrew Fearn, our Churchwarden, whose email address is or call him on 07887 916042. Alternatively you may contact Pat Mercer, our Treasurer, whose email address is or contact him on 07811 405876.

About Us…

The place of St Mary Magdalene in the middle of Newark for 800 years, with its spire dominating the horizon for miles around, is so much more than a witness to our Christian heritage. It is a witness to Christ himself, to the Good News of God’s love and to our willingness to be identified as His people. It is a huge privilege to be serving God here and we thank Him for it.

The beauty of the building, the regular worship, the music and traditions are all about stimulating and encouraging our individual and collective devotion. The reason for this beauty, and why it has been entrusted to us, is to inspire our imaginations and open our hearts and minds to the reality of being known and loved by God and to love Him in return.

Our mission calls us to the hospitality of keeping the building open and welcoming everyone. Baptisms, weddings, funerals, civic and military services are greatly enhanced by what we have inherited through the generosity of our forebears. We are also called to be good neighbours, working in schools, care homes, among the hungry, sick and lonely and with other churches in nurturing faith and well-being.

To sustain and develop all this requires the Christian discipline of giving a proportion of our income to the church. This turns our due thankfulness into appropriate generosity which, in turn, facilitates our obligation to serve our church, parish  and beyond. Thanks be to God.

Please read on to see how your support can make a real difference …

We aim to…

be a welcoming and inclusive church family, without walls to the community, spirit led, bible focused, gospel shared and Jesus centered.

We seek to…

Create worship that is accessible to people of all ages and stages of faith, and to those who are searching or unsure.

Create opportunities for outreach with children, youth, families and the elderly.

Create an appropriate environment for local people, visitors and tourists alike.

Your Giving

First, a thank you – giving and gratitude go together. We give out of gratitude for what we receive from God. Also, we continue to be grateful for those, who, even in these difficult financial times, give regularly and sacrificially to support the work of God and this Church.

How much does it cost to run our Church?

Approximately £200,000 per year.

Where does the money come from?

We receive no local or national government support. Our parish relies upon generous financial support from those who regularly attend church.   As a charity, the church benefits from tax recovery available through Gift Aid.

How do we receive our income?

Planned Regular Giving from our Congregation Collections, donations, occasional gift aid envelopes 

Tax Recovery – Gift Aid

Rents, Fees, Building Hire, Investment Income

The Magnus Charity

Where does the money go?