Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

St Mary Magdalene Opening Times:

Friday 9th September (D-Day) : 9-5.30 pm
There will be a short service of prayer and reflection at 5pm

Saturday 10th September (D+1) : 9-3.00 pm
(Cafe open as normal)

Sunday 11th September (D+2): Normal service times across our parish.
The 11.15 am service at St Mary’s will be a special service to commemorate
the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Monday 12th September (D+3): 9-3.00 pm
(1.15pm Community Cafe open as normal)

Tuesday 13th September (D+4) : 9-3.00 pm

Wednesday 14th September (D+5) : 9-7pm
10.15 am Service of Communion
(Cafe open as normal)

Thursday 15th September (D+6) : 9-3pm

Friday 16th September (D+7) : 9-3pm
(Cafe open as normal)

Saturday 17th September (D+8) : 9-3pm
(Cafe open as normal)

Sunday 18th September (D+9) : to be confirmed

Monday 19th September (D+10) : We will open church at 10.30 am at which point the bells will be rung prior to the funeral. We will show the funeral service in church from just before 11.00 am until the end, at which point church will be closed. All welcome.