Holy Week & Easter

It is said that you can learn a lot about someone from the final words they speak. Such words have the potential to reveal a great deal about the life that they lived and the legacy they hoped to leave behind. It is notable that the four Gospel accounts of the crucifixion contain seven final sayings spoken by Jesus. In addition to revealing his agony, these cries from the cross give us an insight into the meaning and purpose of Jesus’ life and death.

Accordingly, as we seek to walk the way of the cross this Holy Week, you’re invited to use these famous last words of Jesus to frame your journey. Alongside our Good Friday Stations of the Cross services, we will be sharing a series of reflections focusing on a different saying each day. As you hear these words, and travel through Holy Week, my prayer for you is that you would receive a fresh glimpse of God’s love for you revealed on the cross of Christ.

God bless, Garreth

Reflection for Holy Monday – the Revd Debs Moyo
Reflection for Maundy Thursday: Revd Debs Moyo
“Woman here is your son”
HAPPY EASTER from friends Revd Chris and Ruth Lee !
In this special Easter Garden Episode we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead! We also look at how the whole story of God can be summarised in 5 gardens and show you how to use your garden to help you celebrate Easter.
You will need:
Sticks & string (to make crosses)
A large container, a smaller container, soil, seeds, greenery (to make an Easter garden)
With songs by:
Hillsong – Tell the world
Worship Central – Let it be known
Reflection for Holy Tuesday: Mrs Fran Yates
Good Friday Reflection: Revd Gill Page
Reflection for Holy Wednesday: Revd Garreth Frank
Our Easter Family Service
shared this week with local schools before they broke up for their Easter holidays.