Celebrating Children

We offer two different special services to celebrate Children, and to bring them before God. Have a look and see which one is best for you!


Baptism is the name we usually use in church for a Christening service. At this service we pray and thank God for the baby who has been born, and express a heartfelt desire that they will grow following Jesus. The child is dipped in or sprinkled with Holy Water.

Godparents are chosen who love Jesus; they promise to help the child to grow as a Christian as they get older. The parents and godparents express their belief in the Christian faith, and promise to pray for the child and to encourage the Child to come the church by doing it themselves.

Baptism happens during one of our regular services, usually on a Sunday morning. It requires three godparents who have been both baptised and confirmed in the Church of England (the requirement for confirmation can be waived if the godparents are active church members who aren’t confirmed). Parents will need to come with their children to church a number of times before arranging a baptism.

The first step in arranging a baptism is to come along to one of our church services and speak with Revd Chris.


At a blessing service, we pray and thank God for the baby who has been born, and mark them with the sign of the Cross using Holy Oil. Family friends can be chosen who will commit themselves to caring for the child and supporting them as they grow up. Parents are given a chance to express their hopes for the child, and there are readings from the Bible and a short talk relevant to the child and the family itself. This is a special and joy-filled service – a great celebration of new life!

This kind of service is very flexible, and a great introduction to church, especially if you’ve not been in a while. It can happen at different times during the week or on a Sunday. There are no particular conditions or requirements, and it can be a step on the way to a Baptism (or ‘Christening’) happening at a later date.

You can book a blessing service by contacting our church office:

email: office@stmnewark.org

telephone: 01636 706473

For more info about the difference between a blessing service and a baptism, you can download our information sheet below: