The Climate Matters

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A series of films to be shown in church on Tuesday 24th August as part of climate week at St Mary’s. (please forgive the ads)


The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene will launch a climate-focussed week of activities, aimed at awareness, with a Climate Sunday Service on the 22nd August at 9am. The sermon and hopefully the music, will reflect our concern, as a church, for the crisis that is happening in the world.   The contemporary service that day at 11am will also consider the effects of climate change on our lives.

Local churches across Britain and Ireland are being encouraged to hold climate-focused services on any Sunday before 5 September 2021, ahead of COPS26 to Worship, Commit & Speak Up.    Climate Sunday has been organised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) with support from charities including CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, A Rocha UK, and Operation Noah.

The week of activities at St Mary’s includes the following:

Monday 23rd August:   

A series of talks 11am to 3pm (these include topics such as Food Miles, Why climate change matters to the church, Eco Women Worriers for Change, What it’s like being vegan, For the love of our Earth and Green Poetry (how poets down the years have explored their relationship with nature).

Tuesday 24th August:  

A series of thought-provoking films shown from 11-3pm.  (Just drop in for half an hour, or come for the whole day – you could even have lunch in our coffee bar)

Wednesday 25th August:   

10.15 am Holy Communion,  11.00 am Music Hour & 2.00 pm Climate Prayers

Thursday 26th August: 

11-3pm Children’s Activity Day (including Toilet Twinning games, Endangered Species crafts and a Panda Trail).  Bring your adults and enjoy some climate-based fun.

Saturday 28th August:  

12 noon – 12.45pm Music for Market “Music of Creation with Jonathen Allsopp on the organ”

There will also be various displays in church, including one from the church’s Bishop White Library about the Birds & the Bees, Christian Aid,  what we are up to as a church and another from Newark Art Club, who will be showing their lockdown artwork.      

Mrs Sue Dutton, Eco-Church Rep said: “This is our opportunity to show the community in Newark and beyond, what St Mary Magdalene with St Leonard’s is doing in response to Climate Change. With a few simple adjustments to our everyday lives, we can make an impact on our environment. Could we consider walking to the  office/town/church? Ride our bicycles instead of using our cars for a few weeks? At St Mary with St Leonard’s, we are using reusable  coffee mugs going forward; as well as LED light bulbs and environmentally friendly toilet rolls. 

Why don’t you come along during our Climate Week and enjoy one of our activities or listen to one of our speakers? Maybe you could join a prayer session led by one of our lay readers or listen to some Climate Change focussed poetry.   Climate Change affects us all and the concern for our world requires action right now,  before it is too late.”

The recently re-opened St Mary’s in the Market Coffee Bar will also be open every day during that week from 10 to 3pm, with a special focus on families on the Thursday.   Heidi, their new Coffee Bar Manager, will be creating some delicious home made delights for everyone.

There is a call from the Church of England for us to recognise that there is a climate crisis; indeed, a crisis for creation, and that the urgency and significance of climate change and the degradation of the environment cannot be over-estimated. Everything we do must be seen through the lens of the environment.    

Archbishop Justin Welby said:  “It becomes ever clearer that climate change is the greatest challenge that we and future generations face. It’s our sacred duty to protect the natural world we’ve so generously been given, as well as our neighbours around the world who will be first and worst affected. Without swift decisive action the consequences of climate change will be devastating.” 

St Mary’s with St Leonard’s Newark have both recently been awarded Bronze Eco Award status and we are now working towards our Silver awards.   You can find out more about what we’ve been up to by coming along during this week of climate activities – entrance and activities are free of charge.

In the meantime, you can get involved by taking part in a DIY Litter Pick.   It’s so easy to take part, all you have to do is take an empty bag and a pair of gloves and set off to clean our streets and parks.   Don’t forget to take photographs of yourself taking part and either share them on social media or email them to to be displayed during their climate week.     @NewarkParishChurch     #stmaryscares