Tower Tours 2023

A fantastic opportunity to climb the famous tower of St Mary Magdalene and gain the best views of Newark. (This is ideally a fair weather activity)

Saturday Tower Tours are back!  First come, first served.  Please turn up at the west end of church 10 minutes before to register.   

Adults £2.00 / Children under 16 £1.00

(weather permitting, tours will be cancelled if the weather is bad)
Children must be 7 years old or over and accompanied by an adult
Number per tour restricted to 20


20th  May – 10.30 am & 1.15 pm

17th June – 10.30 am & 1.15 pm

29th July – 10.30 am & 1.15 pm

19th August – 10.30 am & 1.15 pm

16th September – 10.30 am & 1.30 pm 
(tours on this date are part of Newark Heritage Open Weekend and are therefore free – same rules apply)