Weekly Update (14.1.21):  Sunday morning and Wednesday morning services at St Mary’s continue.   We are regretful, however, that services at St Leonard’s are suspended until further notice.   We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone during worship and encourage you to be vigilant about the rules in place at this time.   We will be reviewing this weekly so please do come back here regularly for the latest information.  

You will also be able to find online resources here on our website for at-home worship each week during this period of lockdown.

Normal Service Pattern:

Outside lockdown, during the pandemic and interregnum, service times are currently altered to:
9.00am Holy Communion (traditional) at St Mary Magdalene
10.00am Holy Communion at St Leonard
11.00am Holy Communion (contemporary) at St Mary Magdalene
5.00pm Choral Evensong (Alternate weeks) at St Mary Magdalene

Types of Service:

8.00 am Sunday Holy Communion (said)

This is a quiet and reflective service of Holy Communion. It’s like the 9:30 service, but without any singing.
St Mary Magdalene

9.30 am Holy Communion (with music)

A formal service of Holy Communion, with a choir and hymns and an organ. The people leading the service wear robes, and we follow a liturgy found in the service books. There is some children’s work during the sermon most Sundays, and you can stay afterwards for tea and coffee.
St Mary Magdalene

10.00 am Holy Communion

An informal service of Holy Communion. There may be some children’s work during the service, and you can stay afterwards for tea and coffee.
St Leonard

11:15am Church

This is an exciting venture at St Mary’s – very different to our other services. It’s interactive, contemporary, and we’ve planned it all the
way through to include and involve children. All are welcome; if you’re looking for an activity to do with your children then this is
particularly for you!
St Mary Magdalene

5.00 pm Choral Evensong

This is our most traditional service. Like the 8:00am service it’s quiet and reflective, but you’ll hear the choir singing a good deal of this service. There is a written liturgy, composed in the 1600’s.
St Mary Magdalene

9.00 am Morning Prayer
(Monday to Friday)

We start each weekday with a time of prayer, following the Church of England’s pattern of daily prayer.
St Mary Magdalene

10.00 am Celtic Prayer (Tuesdays)

A time of reflective prayer, using the celtic daily prayer liturgy. We also pray during this time for all of the prayer requests put up on the prayer board in church. 
St Mary Magdalene

10.15 am Holy Communion (said; Wednesdays)

Very similar to the Sunday 8:00am service, although with different bible readings. On the first Wednesday of the month we pray for healing for people, and anoint them with oil. Please stay for tea and coffee afterwards.
St Mary Magdalene

6.05 pm Choral Evening Prayer (Wednesdays)

Choral Evening Prayer uses modern language, with traditional hymns and choral music. This 25 minute service takes place during term time and is sung by the children in the choir.
St Mary Magdalene