Eco Church

St Mary’s with St Leonard’s are trying to get a little bit greener.

Both of our churches have gained a Bronze Award and are now working towards the Silver Eco Church Award (an award scheme that encourages churches to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully)

Becoming an environmentally aware church is so much more than looking after our buildings in an efficient way. This journey affects every aspect of our life as a church. It’s about holistic mission.

“Reducing the causes of climate change is essential to the life of faith. It is a way to love our neighbour and to steward the gift of creation.”  Archbishop Justin Welby


Did you know that the UK throws away approximately 50 Billion paper cups a week
(according to the government’s Environmental Audit Committee report)? Due to the way
paper cups are made as little as 1 in 400 get recycled.

Did you know that we have around 100 people coming to church every Sunday? When our
cafe is open we serve hundreds of cups of tea, coffee, water and squash each week.

So we are encouraging our church family to do their part and bring a reusable cup with
them to church each week to help us reduce the number of paper cups we use. 

You could perhaps buy one of our personalised mugs, (personalised with an aerial view
of St Mary’s in the centre of Newark). Free coffee with every mug bought. £7.50 each.
Just take your mug along when our coffee bar is open and Heidi will be pleased to fill
it up.


We changed to using recycled paper products.
Now our toilet paper and printer paper is made from recycled paper.

Swapped to more efficient LED lights.
We’ve replaced most of our lights with more efficient LED lights.

Created a monthly theme
Check out our noticeboard in church for more information on the topic of the month.
We plan to hold talks and hold events when restrictions permit.

Created an Eco Circle of Prayer

Each week we pray for something surrounding the topic of the month.

Eco Noticeboard in church
Keep an eye on our display in church for topical items.

Climate Sunday Service and Week of Climate-focussed Activities
2021’s climate focussed week was a great success. Watch this space for more activities coming soon.


The environment is God’s gift to everyone. And we have a responsibility towards each
other to protect it. We cannot think of ourselves as isolated from others or from creation.

Our impact on the planet is reducing biodiversity, changing the climate, and polluting the
earth. Around the world, climate change is affecting food security, creating social
vulnerability, and disrupting peace and security. There is no doubt we need to act.

But there is good news. Almost every action you take will have a positive impact:

Cutting down air pollution will improve health
Saving energy saves you money
Eating less meat and more vegetables is good for you
Buying Fairtrade means a better deal for farmers

Large or small, your actions come with big practical paybacks.